Special Brush for dry brush effects. The soft and thick hair allows the modeler to make a controlled dry brush effect.
SKU: AK621
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€4.95 €3.93
SKU: AK1566
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€4.75 €3.57
Abteilung Dry Brushes, made with high quality and high resistance hair, have a rounded tip specially designed to make the most of the dry brush technique.
SKU: ABT855-6
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€4.95 €3.93
When we need to paint multiple figures in a fast way, Xpress Color is the ideal choice, these matt colors are specifically formulated to paint miniatures in a fast and easy way.
SKU: VLL-72448
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€3.90 €2.93
Includes the 3 most popular numbers among miniature painters (0, 1 and 2).
SKU: AK573
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€4.95 €3.93
High quality, superfine gray acrylic putty with perfect adhesion and sanding properties. Can be cleaned with water.
SKU: AK104
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€4.75 €3.77
Milliput is the epoxy putty for all types of applications: modeling of miniatures. gap filling. models. furniture repair. walls. piping. bumper. appliances. tableware. toys. etc.
SKU: 8436554360208ES
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€4.25 €3.37
SKU: VLL-73524
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€6.20 €4.92
Cleaning solution designed to remove acrylics from brushes and airbrushes. Removes paint residues and lubricates airbrush mechanisms without damaging them.
SKU: 8436574500783ES
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€6.25 €4.96
The brush repair gel is a product used to revive and restore the shape of paint brushes as well as make-up brushes.
SKU: 8436554368280ES
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€4.40 €3.49

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